uPVC Repairs

Rhino double glazing repairs have trained, qualified and experienced staff are standing by to offer you the best service possible to repair and fix for your conservatory, windows and doors, replacing everything from broken hinges, misted sealed units and jammed or broken locking mechanisms.

For many years Rhino double glazing repairs, have been trusted by their clients to repair their doors including sliding doors, front and back doors, composite doors, porch doors and conservatory doors.

To obtain more information about what Rhino Locks double glazing repairs can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

List of double glazing repairs we do:

  • Window Repairs
  • Hinges
  • Adjustments
  • Fire Escape Hinges
  • Espagnolette Mechanisms
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Multi-Point Lock Mechanisms
  • Panels
  • Patio Rollers
  • Extra Security Devices
  • Adjustments
  • Sealed Units Broken/Misted/Blown/Condensation
  • Handles
  • Window/Security Locks
  • Tilt & Turn Repairs
  • Child Safety Restricted Hinges
  • Door Repairs
  • Door Hinges
  • Cat/Dog Flaps
  • Dropped Doors
  • Letter Boxes
  • Door Restrictors

At Rhino Locks we have the fix, for all your window and door repairs:

If your door has become difficult to lock and you have to put a lot of effort into lifting the handle, in our experience this may be down to an alignment problem of your door, and we find its best to have Rhino locks visit you at this stage, as this will prevent premature failure of the locking mechanism by carrying out a procedure to rectify the problem, before it becomes a very expensive, or catastrophic failure, which means you cannot enter your home or secure the door, or even resulting in you being locked inside your premises.

Rhino double glazing fix and repair:

We fix, repair and replace components on your double glazing. We don't try to sell you replacement windows or doors, something in our experience we find larger window installation companies like to do. Many company's maintain a claim that that the parts are not available or are discontinued, and we agree that sometimes this is the case, but by using our expertise at Rhino locks and double glazing repairs, we can usually find a solution to breathe new life into your windows by carrying out quick, efficient and cost-effective repairs in a fraction of the cost and time required to completely replace your windows or doors.
Rhino locks and double glazing repairs aim, to save you money by doing small repairs to your windows and doors to save the expense them being replaced.
Rhino double glazing repairs are experts in the repair of uPVC products and can replace everything from locking mechanisms, cylinders, hinges, handles, gaskets, seals, letterboxes and door furniture and have great experience in finding solutions for old and discontinued parts at a competitive price.

Why you may need Rhino double glazing repairs Services.

You may need Double Glazing repairs from Rhino Locks because the guarantee on your double-glazing may have expired, the original company has gone out of business or you are the new home-owner and you don't know who the original company was. Well maintained double glazed windows will last for several years and also provides excellent service, keeping you warm during colder months and may reduce your heating bills as well as reducing noise coming from outside, but overtime window can develop faults which may be caused by breakage, corrosion or simple wear and tear which result in the need for repairs to be carried out without delay.
The repairs may involve any of the moving areas that regularly make contact with each other, parts of the double glazing windows like window locks, hinges and handles. We provide repairs for all kinds of windows which include Aluminium and uPVC plastic Double glazing windows and doors.
The services we offer are not only reasonable, but also of highest quality using quality parts and material's which is the main reason, why we have become the choice of customers for repairing double glazed windows and doors.

What makes Rhino double glazing repairs different from others?

We are a window repair service company who do not fit new windows, who carry out work on most types of windows and doors in and around the West and East Sussex areas.
We are a family run business, my wife and two sons have been repairing double glazing for over 10 years now and can say whether or not your windows are repairable! So you can be assured that the priority is repairing your existing doors and windows. We can arrange to visit you at your premises to provide you with free estimate with no callout charge, only charging you for work actually done, including dismantling for diagnostics.
  • Reliability and friendly staff trained and qualified staff.
  • Efficient and quick service with prices that are competitive.
  • Specialists in repairs and all work guaranteed.

Annual service maintenance of your windows and doors.

For a set fee Rhino locks and UPVC double glazing repairs can offer you maintenance service for where we can check the operation of all your doors and windows which would include lubricating all the major working parts, checking for any loose or missing screws, giving your windows and uPVC doors an overall operation health check.

Report will be produced and any additional works or materials required will highlighted and quoted and charged at an additional cost, but with no obligation to have them fitted or the work done, the choice will be entirely yours.

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uPVC Double Glazing Windows and Door Repairs in West & East Sussex

In the unfortunate event that you damage your UPVC doors or windows rather that going and buying new ones it is more cost effective to carry out repairs. This will not only save you time but also a huge amount of money. Here at Rhino Locks we have been carrying out UPVC and Double Glazing repairs for over a decade. Our service quality and professionalism will almost certainly create a great client customer relationship.

We usually only deal with the general public, however we have repaired windows for letting agents, hospitals, universities, as well hotels. Rhino Locks assess jobs with a view to offering realistic repairs to the double glazing, unless repairs are not viable. Most aluminium and UPVC doors and windows can be effectively repaired, greatly reducing the cost of replacement.

We are specialist in the repair and replacement of locks handles, locks and hinges on uPVC windows and doors.

Rhino Locks Double Glazing repairs offer a fast, efficient repair service for all types of double glazing uPVC and Aluminium windows and doors we carry a wide range of locks, hinges, handles and fittings to repair uPVC windows and doors for most system so are able to carry out a permanent repairs or replace broken components to door and windows in one visit.

Our service extends through a large number of areas including Worthing Lancing, East Preston, Rustington, Angmering, Littlehampton, Storrington, Steyning, Upper Beeding, Ashington, Hove and Brighton.

We do uPVC repairs, We do not sell new windows!

Double Glazing

At Rhino Locks we repair double glazing for windows and doors. Repairing your double glazing is more cost effective than paying out for new doors and windows.

It is important to repair broken glass as this is hazardous and makes your home unsecure. Broken windows also let out heat which will cost you more in energy bills. We can safely remove broken glass and replace it with new panes of glass in your windows and doors.

We can also repair broken or faulty window and door frames in order to make them more secure. We specialise in UPVC doors and windows but we can also help you with your aluminium and timber window and doorframes.

If your window or door locks become worn or broken, we have expertise in repairing and replacing them. We can also repair and replace your hinges when they squeak or become loose. Broken locks and hinges make your property less secure and make you vulnerable to break-ins. Rhino Locks understands the importance of security in your home, which is why we offer quick and professional services so that your double glazing can be repaired ASAP after you notice a problem.

We have fully trained operatives who can advise you on the best way to repair your windows and glass door panels. Call us now for help and advice about your double glazing repair today.