Security of your Property

In order to keep your possessions safe you need to ensure that your property is secure. In order to do this, you should follow our security tips.

1. Always keep your keys out of site and away from your front door so that they cannot be hooked out through your letter box.

2. Make sure that your cylinder lock is secure against snapping and your mortise and sash locks are 5 lever to British standard BS3621, on all external doors Only use quality locks assured by the Master Locksmiths Association and hold the Sold Secure Diamond mark.

3. Lock all your doors and windows at night.

4. Keep the front of your home well lit so that no one can hide in the shadows.

5. Fit a security alarm as this will put burglars off.

6. Leave a radio and lights on in your home when you go out so that it seems like you are in.

7. Avoid bogus callers by checking Tradesman's Ids before you let them into your home and avoid answering the door to anyone you do not recognise by fitting a peep hole.

8. Fit a door chain so that you can sign for items and take in parcels without allowing anyone entry to your home.

9. Don't keep your valuables on display because this means that people know what to target when they raid your home. Also don't keep all your valuables in one place because if they are found everything will be gone.

10. And lastly, make sure that your doors, windows and their frames are strong and cannot be prised open by having old ones replaced.

For more security advice, call us anytime and speak to one of our friendly security specialists.

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